Nominations & Insignia


The Registrar welcomes nominations for Companions and Associate Companions to the Memorial of Merit. All nominations must be accompanied by a rationale for the nomination, a Curriculum Vitae of the nominee, and at least three references, at least one being from a Priest or Bishop of the Anglican Communion, attesting to the character and suitability of the nominee.

Nominations should be sent to: memorialofmerit (at)



Companions may wear the Memorial’s neck badge and breast badge as found below. A miniature of the neck badge is available.

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MMCM Main Badge

Centenary Badge

Companions of the Memorial during its centenary year are entitled to wear the Centenary Badge.

Centenery Breast Badge

Chapter Badge

Members of the Chapter of the Memorial are entitled to wear the Chapter Badge.

Chapter Breast Badge

Associate Companions

Associate Companions of the Memorial are entitled to the Associates Badge. A miniature is available.

Associates Medal - FINAL